GP-F: Framework Research

GP-F: Framework Research

Either by yourself or in groups of up to three people, you’re going to do some research on two different frameworks for two different programming languages (PHP, Python, Java, or Ruby). Compare the frameworks on various metrics as illustrated in the worksheet and then choose a “winner” for each programming language for the framework you think would be the best for building a project like the one you are doing this semester.

Please make sure to select your teammates and the correct pages when submitting to Gradescope!

Guided Practice F: Framework Research

NOTE: This is the video from last semester and there are a few differences you should note:

  • We have replaced Javascript with Ruby
  • You can work by yourself if you choose
  • It’s now GP-F, instead of GP-G

But in general, the instructions are basically the same, so we are leaving this up to help provide more guidance.

Prof. Sherriff