End of Semester Information

End of Semester Information

End of Semester Information and Proceedures

All due times are 11:59 PM EST on the stated day EXCEPT the final exam

  • Thursday, Dec 2
  • Friday, Dec 3
    • TEAMS: GP-I and GP-J Due
    • TESTING MANAGERS ONLY: Beta Testing Report Due
    • UX MANAGERS ONLY: UX Report Due
    • SOFTWARE ARCHITECTS ONLY: Architecture Doc Due (teams of 6 have a software architect - others should ignore)
    • STAFF: Begin grading Quiz 6
  • Saturday, Dec 4 through Monday, Dec 6
    • STAFF: Continue Grading Quiz 6, remaining artifacts, and GPs
    • TEAMS: Make final adjustments / polish on your projects
    • TEAMS + TAs: Team meetings with TAs happen only if necessary
  • Monday, Dec 6
    • SCRUM MASTERS ONLY: Scrum Master Report Due
    • SCRUM MASTERS ONLY: Team Project Final Submission and Honor Pledge (Make sure to select your teammates upon submission!!)
    • ALL STUDENTS: Final Team Evaluations Due (Final Evaluation Form)
  • Tuesday, Dec 7
    • LECTURE: Professors’ AMA in class (both sections with both professors) Submit a Question
    • STAFF: Return all remaining grades EXCEPT Team Project Scores
    • ALL STUDENTS: Final Exam sign up becomes available (see next section for more information about the Final Exam)
    • ALL STUDENTS: Please do your course evaluations! (see emails from system or find in Collab)
  • Wednesday, Dec 8 through Friday, Dec 10
  • Thursday, Dec 9
    • ALL STUDENTS: Final Exam sign up closes
  • Friday, Dec 10
    • Final exams emailed out to students who registered (targetting this evening, but will be no later than 9:00 AM EST Saturday)
  • Monday, Dec 13
    • All Final Exams due by 12:00 PM EST. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED.

Final Exam Information

  1. Everyone that signs up by 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, Dec 7, will be emailed a custom final exam Friday, Dec 10, in the evening (or, worst case, the morning of Saturday, Dec 11) that only has questions on it that you did not get a perfect score on when you took the corresponding question on a given quiz. The questions are not the same, but assess the same learning objectives.

  2. Like the other quizzes, this is open material, but you cannot consult with another person. Please respect the integrity of this assessment.

  3. If you no longer wish to take the final after you receive it for whatever reason, you can respond to the email with the final with the message “Opting out of final exam.”

  4. If you still wish to take the final, you have until NOON (12:00 PM EST) on Monday, December 13, to reply to the email message with a PDF of your submission with your answers. NO OTHER FORMATS OR SUBMISSION METHODS WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  5. If you skip a question on the final, you do not lose any XP and there is no penalty. In effect, you are saying “I am satisfied with my performance on this learning objective.”

  6. If you answer a question, you can earn up to the full XP value of the question. This being a take home assessment and your second chance at any given question, we will expect a fair bit more depth of knowledge and explanation to show that you have learned the topic.

  7. If you answer a question that you previously had partial credit on and then get it completely wrong, can you lose XP? Yes. If, for instance, you retake the ethics essay question and propose a completely unethical solution, then it is clear that the earlier attempt was more a lucky shot in the dark, rather than understanding the material. We reserve the right to reduce XP on a given question under these circumstances.

  8. If you are trying to get a certain amount of XP to move to a desired level, please do not attempt just the exact amount of XP required. For example, there has been more than one student that needed around 3000 XP and only tried for 3000 XP worth of questions when they could have attempted up to 10000 XP.

Prof. Sherriff