CS 3240 - Fall 2018 Assessments

Knowledge Area Core Assessments

All core assessments:

  • Are expected to take around 30 minutes to complete
  • Have two versions that you can take
    • If you earn a No Pass on the A version, you can take the B version at a different time
    • The B version will be fundamentally the same as the A version, but with different scenarios, etc.
    • Key discussion questions will be the same between the two versions

All core assessments are bound by the Honor System as any other assessment at UVA. You are forbidden to speak of specifics of any assessment with other students who have not yet taken the assessment. Any evidence of this will result in the negating of that Knowledge Area Achievement at a minimum for all parties involved.

If two students have taken the same core assessment and one has passed while the other hasn't, it is permissable for the passing student to tutor the other on the assessment and its materials ahead of taking the B version.

Software Process KA Core Assessment

Requirements KA Core Assessment

Verification and Validation KA Core Assessment

Architecture and Design KA Core Assessment

Security and Maintenance KA Core Assessment

Professional Issues KA Core Assessment

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