Lecture 7 - Risk Management

Lecture Date: Tuesday, September 18

Now that you have an idea of what your project is going to look like, how do you make sure you complete it on time? What are the risks involved in a student project and how do you mitigate them?

Once we have covered this material, we will review for the Core Assessment Day on Thursday.

Slides - Risk Management

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Lecture 4 - Development Methodologies

Lecture Date: Thursday, September 6

Make sure to fill out the Team / Project Preference survey today if you haven't yet!!


We are now familiar with the tools of the trade. Now it's time to delve into how we construct and manage our teams throughout the development process. How do we know what to work on next? Who do you talk to if you have a question about the requirements? For that matter, how do you even get the requirements? We'll go through the phases of software development and the different models and methodologies for arranging and interacting through each phase.

Slides - Software Process and Methodologies

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Lecture 3 - Project Pitches and SW Construction

Lecture Date: Tuesday, September 4

First thing is to hear about the project pitches and take a vote!

The projects up for vote are:

  • Yelp for bathrooms on Grounds
  • Used textbook finder / loaner for classes
  • Free food finder on Grounds
  • Ride sharing site for students
  • A dining hall Yik/yak site for up voting or down voting dining halls based on food options presented
  • Universal Assignment Scheduler (one place for all faculty to post assignments in a calendar view)
  • Status checker for gyms and rec facilities
  • Study Space Map - a map showing availability of all study spaces, filtered based on need of equipment

Go here to vote during class! http://cs3240.cs.virginia.edu/projectvote.html

Once we have the vote done, we will do a quick dive into some of the tools that software engineers use on a daily basis.

Slides - Software Construction

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