GP-G: Design Decomposition

GP-G: Design Decomposition

In-Class: Tuesday, April 5 / Due: Wednesday, April 6

In groups of two or three (no solo submissions), you are going to practice doing an object-oriented decomposition of a simple assignment submissions system (think Gradescope).

The prompt has been intentionally left a bit vague so you can think of what you think should be in such a system. You are specifically encouraged to leverage what you know about systems like this to make good assumptions.

Make sure to set aside time to talk with your group about the design decisions! You’ll find that talking through these design decisions will often make the effort a lot easier and will produce a better result. Like real design activities in industry! Rarely does anyone design an entire system by themselves!

For this GP, you MUST use a computer-aided tool for your final diagram. NO hand-drawn diagrams will be accepted! A short list of options (and there are many more out there) include:

From the tool that you use, either export the diagram as PDF and submit it on its own (make sure your names are on it!) or take a good quality screenshot and put it on the second page.

Please make sure to select your teammates and the correct pages when submitting to Gradescope!

Guided Practice G: Design Decompositions

Prof. McBurney