Lab Date: Monday, January 27

Lab Objectives

  • Teams will meet each other for the first time and will start getting setup for the semester project
  • Students will have an opportunity to begin learning about Django, the environment we will be using for the project

Before Coming to Lab

  • Complete Guided Practice A before coming to lab today! Find it in the Student Resources folder linked on the right side of the home page or in Collab.
  • Make sure to bring your UVA ID card to lab this week!

Team Assignments

Check this Google Sheet for your team assignments for the semester!

Today in Lab

  1. The TAs will help you get organized with your team.
  2. Once you are in your teams, you need to accomplish the following:
    • Introduce yourselves to each other! This will be your team for the rest of the semester, so start off on the right foot! Tell each other who you are, your year, your major, what you're looking forward to, what you're terrified of in the class, etc.
    • Pick a team name. Please pick something easy to remember, easy to type into a URL, and relatively unique so that it's easier to identify your team. With no special characters. And classy, please...
    • Pick your project. Please see the Project page on the course website for information about the projects options.
    • Determine your team's primary form of communication - we recommend a Slack channel instead of email, etc.
    • Once you have made these decisions, the Scrum Master (and ONLY the Scrum Master!) should fill out the form here:
  3. While you are doing all of this, the TAs will be coming around to record the RFID off of your UVA ID card and take attendance.
  4. Once you have spoken to the TAs and the form is filled out, there are a few Django tutorial videos we expect everyone to watch and work through. Use the rest of the time here to do these and finish on your own time. We expect everyone to know the material in it. See the action items below for the links.

Action Items After Lab