Lab Date: Monday, April 9

Sprint 4 continues today. There is no formal grade for work you have (or have not) done during this sprint. However, your TA will still check in with you and discuss how things are going.

Use this time to plan out your activities for the rest of Sprint 4 and to work together to tackle key problems you are having.

Pre-lab Activities

Normal meetings today in lab.

In-lab Activities

Activity 0: Stand-Up Meeting

  1. What did you do since the last meeting?
  2. What will you do between now and the next meeting?
  3. Are there any impediments in your way?

Activity 1: Sprint Work

Continue working on Sprint 4, updating your stories as necessary.

Activity 2: TA Check-In

The TAs will meet with their teams, checking on your progress. There is no grade for today.

Post-lab Activities

Here is basically what we expect to see at the end of Sprint 4: "Everything works, but it's really ugly looking."

Essentially, at the end of Sprint 4, your overall functionality should be done, or really close. This includes whatever solution you chose for your production platform. Sprint 5 should be about UI and polish.

At the end of Sprint 4, you will do another team evaluation. If you have concerns before then, please discuss with your TA and contact Prof. Sherriff directly.