Lab Date: Monday, December 2

Lab Objectives

  • Teams will present the 1.0.0 version of their app to the staff and the rest of the lab!

Before Coming to Lab

  • Finish any remaining polish of the app that is needed.
  • Implement any changes from the beta testing and staff feedback as desired.
  • Write up some basic app documentation for Prof. Sherriff and Prof. Horton on how to use your app. Put anything and everything in here that you think we need to grade your app! This could include: help/instructions, information about creating accounts, any test accounts you have that we can use, any key/exciting features you want to make sure that we see and give you credit form, etc. Please place this in the root of your GitHub repository in the file. This needs to include a link to your app!!!
  • Scrum Masters should complete their Scrum Master Report.

Today in Lab

  1. Arrive in lab and get into your teams.
  2. It's final demo day! Each team should set up a station where other students can come by to see their apps.
  3. All students and TAs will walk around, looking at the apps, and enjoying the fact that they are done :-).
  4. TAs will be taking notes on each app to report to Prof. Sherriff and Prof. Horton for final grading.
  5. Submit your herokuapp link and team info here!:

Final Team Evaluation

This is the final evaluations for your team members. This set of evaluations will be weighed heavier than the others and should be representative of how a team member worked throughout the entire semester.

Action Items After Lab

  • Don't touch your code or Heroku!!!!!