Lab Date: Monday, April 30

Our final sprint comes to a close. Your have until 11:59 PM, Tuesday, May 1, to complete your project before the code freeze at midnight.

Pre-lab Activities

Final Sprint Team Evaluation form!

In-lab Activities

Activity 0: Stand-Up Meeting

  1. What did you do since the last meeting?
  2. What will you do between now and the next meeting?
  3. Are there any impediments in your way?

Activity 1: TA Check-In

The TAs will meet with their teams, checking on your progress. Today will be graded on a scale from 0-5.


Each team member will receive a separate score this week. Teams are given a base score and then individual scores may vary based upon their performance during this sprint.

You should be done. There's probably some touch up that needs to happen, but we are looking for a 99% complete system.

  • 5: Score reserved for above-and-beyond/excellent performance, including sprint planning, team participation and technical presentation.
  • 4: Good, solid progress was made. Team member performed their duties adequately. Proposed milestones were met.
  • 3: Reasonable progress was made. A small number of team members did not fully perform their duties / were lacking in their effort or contribution. Proposed milestones were met, but shows technical limitations.
  • 2: Progress was made, but the team needs to improve significantly to move forward.
  • 1: Teams did not make progress on Sprint 4 and are effectively still on this sprint.
  • 0: Literally nothing was done.

Activity 2: Demo Signup

Discuss with your team who will be coming to the demo session. We will expect at least half the team to be present, and ideally, the entire team. We will be asking questions about what work was done, who did it, why certain design decisions were made, etc. We will take into account who was present for the demo and their ability to answer staff questions.

Post-lab Activities

Complete any final documentation, polish, etc. and plan for how you will do your demo.