Lab Date: Monday, February 4

Lab Objectives

  • Teams will plan how they will perform the requirements elicitation activity this week.
  • Teams should use this time to write (or at least begin writing) any elicitation template documents you may need (e.g. come up with your survey questions, etc.).

Before Coming to Lab

  • Make sure to bring your UVA ID card to lab this week!
  • Check the final team listing page found in Collab->Resources to verify your team and role. If there are any issues, speak with your TAs in lab and/or fill out the Google form here:

Today in Lab

  1. Arrive in OLS 009 and get into your teams.
  2. TAs will randomly split the teams up as to who will stay in 001 and who will go to 009. This will change week to week so that all TAs get a chance to see all the projects.
  3. Attendance will be taken in the room your team is assigned to go to.
  4. TAs will check on teams to make sure you are good to go.
  5. Look at the Requirements Elicitation Template and make a copy into your team's Google Drive folder (these will be created before you come to lab). Read the instructions and begin to plan what techniques you'll use to gather requirements!
  6. A good goal to have by the end of lab is to have decided on and built your elicitation tools (e.g. interview questions, surveys, researched other sites to go look at, etc.) and each team member has been assigned some aspect of the elicitation to complete by the end of the week.

Action Items After Lab

  • As a team, do your requirements elicitation!
  • Requirements managers will write up the final document for submission before next Monday's lab.