Lab Date: Monday, February 10

Lab Objectives


  • Teams will report on their experience doing their requirements elicitation activity, which will be checked as the first Sprint Check.
  • Teams will then pull their first set of user stories off the backlog for work during Sprint 2.

Before Coming to Lab

  • Complete your requirements elicitation activity!
  • Requirements managers need to finish the documentation and have it in the Google Drive before 2:00 PM on Monday! Also remember to upload to Gradescope!
  • Scrum Masters need to complete the Sprint Report for Sprint 1 and submit to Gradescope! Find the template here:

Today in Lab

  1. Arrive and get into your teams while attendance is being taken.
  2. Start with your stand-up meeting! What did you accomplish last week? What will you accomplish this week? What problems do you need help with?
  3. Begin identifying the requirements you will work on during Sprint 2 (which is only one week). Mark these off in the Project Management spreadsheet and assign them to team members. Aim relatively low for this sprint, as it is a shorter sprint and you are just getting started.
  4. While you are meeting, TAs will come around to perform the Sprint Check for Sprint 1 (see below for more info).
  5. Once you have your requirements pulled for Sprint 2, start working!
  6. Scrum Master: Accept the Project Assignment for your team in GitHub Classroom at . PLEASE, when you accept the assignment, use your lab number + team name into the "Create a new team" field! Like this:

GitHub Team Creation

This will generate a project called "project-101-my-cool-team-name" at which is exactly what you want! Team members can then go join your group by selecting the team that was created by the Scrum Master.

Sprint Check 1

To earn a Pass on Sprint Check 1, your team must show the following to the satisfaction of the staff:

  • Show that your team has completed the requirements elicitation activity by walking the TA staff through the documents you produced, explaining what you did, what worked, what didn't work, etc.
  • The specific contents and presentation of the documents will be graded as the main artifact for your Requirements Manager, but everyone on the team should be able to show/explain how they helped contribute to the overall effort.
  • Scrum Masters need to complete the Sprint Report for Sprint 1 and submit to Gradescope! Find the template here:

Action Items After Lab

  • Work on the items you pulled for Sprint 2! You only have one week for this Sprint, so make it count!