Lab Date: Monday, February 11

Lab Objectives


  • Teams will report on their experience doing their requirements elicitation activity, which will be checked as the first Sprint Check.
  • Teams will then pull their first set of user stories off the backlog for work during Sprint 2.

Before Coming to Lab

  • Complete your requirements elicitation activity!
  • Requirements managers need to finish the documentation and have it in the Google Drive before 2:00 PM on Monday, Feb 11!

Today in Lab

  1. Arrive in OLS 009 and get into your teams. You'll split between 001 and 009 per normal to meet and have attendance taken.
  2. Start with your stand-up meeting! What did you accomplish last week? What will you accomplish this week? What problems do you need help with?
  3. Begin identifying the requirements you will work on during Sprint 2 (which is only one week). Mark these off in the Project Management spreadsheet and assign them to team members. Aim relatively low for this sprint, as it is a shorter sprint and you are just getting started.
  4. While you are meeting, TAs will come around to perform the Sprint Check for Sprint 1 (see below for more info).
  5. Once you have your requirements pulled for Sprint 2, start working!
  6. Scrum Master: Accept the Project Assignment for your team in GitHub Classroom at . PLEASE, when you accept the assignment, use your lab number + team name into the "Create a new team" field! Like this:

GitHub Team Creation

This will generate a project called "project-101-my-cool-team-name" at which is exactly what you want! Team members can then go join your group by selecting the team that was created by the Scrum Master.

Once all this has been completed, the Scrum Master can also accept the Practice Assignment for your team at . This can be used for whatever extra scratch work you want. Teams can request more private repos if desired.

Sprint Check 1

To earn a Pass on Sprint Check 1, your team must show the following to the satisfaction of the staff:

  • Show that your team has completed the requirements elicitation activity by walking the TA staff through the documents you produced, explaining what you did, what worked, what didn't work, etc.
  • The specific contents and presentation of the documents will be graded as the main artifact for your Requirements Manager, but everyone on the team should be able to show/explain how they helped contribute to the overall effort.

Action Items After Lab

  • Work on the items you pulled for Sprint 2! You only have one week for this Sprint, so make it count!
  • The "Django Practice Assessment" worth 5000 XP is an individual assignment and is now available at . The major component will be to do the official Django tutorial found at . You will complete this tutorial, add some extra features, and answer some questions about what you did. We STRONGLY encourage you to start the tutorial today!