Lab Date: Monday, October 15

Lab Objectives

  • Teams will begin by showing off their first build of "something" working on Heroku and Travis-CI
  • Teams will then have a stand up meeting to plan for the creation of their first major feature for this sprint


  • Attendance will be taken and will count toward your total number of labs
  • Make sure to beep in at the beginning of lab
  • You should not leave lab early without first speaking to the TA to explain any special cirucumstances
  • Leaving lab early without discussing with the TA could negate your lab attendance point

Pre-Lab Activities

  • The team should have "something" showing up in Heroku and Travis-CI and can show this to the TAs

In-Lab Activities

  • SPRINT CHECK 3: TAs will come by and check four things: your GitHub repo with your current version of your project, your Heroku info page, your Heroku deploy URL, and your Travis-CI info page
    • What went well the past two weeks?
    • What do we need to do this coming week to be successful?
    • Who is going to work on what tasks?
    • Make sure to take notes on these things!
  • Plan your sprint! Target one primary feature, but not login. For now, just hardcode login credentials.
  • Testing Managers need to start on the testing plan - Test Plan Template or found in the Student Resources folder linked on the right side menu of the course website.

Post-Lab Activities

  • Work on your first primary feature
  • Testing Managers should also be writing the test plan

Sprint Check

To earn a pass for this sprint (SPRINT CHECK 3), teams must:

  • Show a basic, skelleton app in four places: your GitHub repo, your Heroku info page, your Heroku deploy URL, and your Travis-CI info page