Lab 1: Project Pitches (09/03)

Lab 2: Meet Your Team (09/10)

Lab 3: Project Requirements (09/17)

Lab 4: Environment and Requirements (09/24)

Lab 5: Project Start (10/01)

  • SPRINT CHECK 2: Teams must show three distinct, complete instances of the Django tutorial, pushed to GitHub
  • Teams have their first stand-up meeting and decide on what to work on in the first weeks of the project
  • Scrum Masters and Requirements Managers need to indicate on the Project Management spreadsheet what will be worked on and by whom during the next two weeks as there is no lab on 10/08 due to Fall Break

Lab 6: Your First Page (10/15)

Lab 7: Major Feature 1 (10/22)

Lab 8: Major Feature 2 (10/29)

Lab 9: Logging In (11/05)

Lab 10: Polish (11/12)

Lab 11: Beta Version Ready! (11/19)

Lab 12: User Testing (11/26)

Lab 13: Demos (12/03)

  • SPRINT CHECK 9: Teams must present a User Test Report, showing what students said about their apps and how they addressed those comments, along with a nearly-final version of their app to demo