Lecture Date: Tuesday, February 11

General Info

Each of the six quizzes in the course is expected to take around 30 minutes to complete. On each quiz day, there will be two quizzes based on whatever the latest two major subject areas of the class were:

  • Quizzes 1 & 2: Software Process and Requirements
  • Quizzes 3 & 4: Architecture & Design and Verification & Validation
  • Quizzes 5 & 6: Maintenance & Security and Professional Issues

All quizzes are bound by the Honor System as any other assessment at UVA. You are forbidden to speak of specifics of any assessment with other students who have not yet taken the assessment.

Each quiz is worth 10000 XP. Each question will be graded wholistically. That is, each question can either earn full XP, no XP, or a single partial level of XP. For example, a quiz with 5 questions would assign 2000 XP to each question, and each question could earn 2000 XP, 1000 XP, or 0 XP. Students will have the opportunity to earn back at least a portion of missed XP during the Final Exam period.

Software Process Quiz

Requirements Quiz

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