Software Construction

Software Construction

Lecture Date: Tuesday, August 30

Today is the project idea vote! See the list of potential projects at We will vote during the 11:00 and 2:00 sections, both in-person and online.

Then a discussion and demonstration on using git and GitHub. Guided Practice A is also available (due on Thursday). This GP will go through some of the basics of using GitHub.

The field of software engineering encompasses a whole lot - requirements, design, implemenation, testing, maintenance, etc.

When working with other people on a project, there are some tools and terms that you really need to know before you get going. In this lesson, we go over the categories of tools that come up during software development and talk specifically about what an integrated development environment is and how source control systems are absolutely essential for modern development.

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Software Construction: IDEs and SCM


Prof. Sherriff