Online Plan


  • 4/18 - Grade and Level information added
  • 4/2 - Added video explaining the rest of the semester
  • 3/28 - Adding info about Sherriff's office hours / appointments
  • 3/24 - Added link to new Google Spreadsheet with XP breakdown; updated XP Dashboard to also show CR / NC for levels 10 and higher; updated this page with new/corrected information

Information for the Rest of the Semester

Tools You Will Need

XP Conversion

New XP Assessment and Grading Google Spreadsheet

  • Lab Attendance => Beta Testing participation (2000 XP per successfully reported Beta Test) - two teams to test will be assigned to you and you can do one extra beta test for any team you want for 2000 more XP; it is up to you to contact a third team to arrange this.
  • Guided Practice => The three remaining will be converted slightly, but you can work in up to teams of 3! Submit via Gradescope. Due dates will change slightly.
  • Team Roles
    • Scrum Mater => Nothing really changes, but your job got a bit harder :-)
    • Software Architect => Nothing changes, except due date for doc
    • Requirements => You're already done!
    • Testing Manager => We will have new Beta Testing procedures, but remaining document remains the same.
    • DevOps Manager => Nothing changes, but your job got a bit harder :-)
  • Quizzes => Open-note, but still not collaborative (on your honor!). One released almost every Monday for the rest of the semester. You'll have one week to take each quiz.
  • Sprint Checks => Still need to submit reports for each check, TAs will schedule meetings with teams each week.
  • Final Project => Still need to do it! Demos are gonna be different (obviously)

Grading Scheme Conversion

With the announcement of the new grading scheme, including the new GC grade, I am writing to inform you of the following developments for CS 3240:

1) For CS 3240 this semester, we will compute all grades as letter grades using the grading policies outlined in our syllabus and the online conversion page. If you are listed as CR/NC in SIS after April 28, we will convert letters A+ though C- to CR; D+ through D− to GC; and F to NC. Because the provost has asked C- be converted to GC but CS traditionally counts C− as meeting prerequisite and degree requirements, we will not give any C− grades this semester and will convert all C− grades to C or CR, whichever applies to your chosen grading system. This change can be seen in the Level Conversion chart on the Online Conversion page at The simple interpretation of this is that the 5000 XP that separated C- from C has been removed from the XP Level Chart. This is now reflected in the XP Dashboard as well.

Per department policy, prerequisite and degree requirements that are listed as "C− or better" will be interpreted as "C− or better, or CR in Spring 2020." If we have a similar grading scale option in a future semester, we anticipate allowing CRs then too. As a reminder, CS 3240 is a prerequisite for CS 4260: Internet Scale Applications and some select CS 4501 courses.

2) We have five assessments worth XP that are currently scheduled to be graded after the April 28th deadline: Quiz 6 (10000 XP), the Scrum Master Report (15000 XP for just Scrum Masters), the final project evaluation (25000 XP), team evaluation scores (15000 XP), and the final exam (earning back XP from previous quizzes). This is obviously a lot of XP that could change your decision on whether to take the letter grade or the CR/GC/NC option. To mitigate this, we will do the following:

a) Quiz 6 will be graded as it comes in. You can still take until April 27th as originally planned, but if you can submit the quiz before then, we will do our best to return scores in Gradescope as soon as possible after submission. There is no guarantee that if you submit on April 27th that you will have your score by the 28th.

b) Scrum Master reports can be turned in early and will be graded as they come in. We don't believe that the content of the report will change dramatically over the course of the last week, so this is a viable option for Scrum Masters.

c) Teams that are ready to demo a final version of their project during the week of April 20th can email Prof. Sherriff to set up an appointment to do your final presentation early. No team is required to do this. Normal presentation slots will be April 28-30.

d) The final exam will still take place over the first weekend in May as normally planned. You can determine how much XP you can earn on the final exam by adding up the total XP not earned on Quizzes 1-6. If that XP total does not affect your letter grade or your CR/GC/NC line, PLEASE DO NOT take the final! We need to focus on the tests that will have the most impact on final grades. There is no penalty at all for not taking the final.

e) Team Evaluation scores will be compiled and posted the week of April 20th. We have a pretty good idea of where everyone stands at this point and do not believe that one more week will make a major difference. However, if performance does significantly improve or decrease before final course averages are calculated, we reserve the right to appropriately adjust these scores.

3) Beta Testing participation scores will be added to your Dashboard at the end of the week of April 20th, which will complete your Lab Attendance score if you successfully beta tested other apps and adequately reported your results to the team according to their protocols. Two tests have been assigned to you; you can do one additional test with any team for 2000 more XP. It is up to you to arrange with another team to test.

4) Guided Practice H (Ethics) will be graded on April 19th or 20th.

If you have any questions about these changes or what you have left to do for CS 3240, please post a question on this thread. If you have a question that cannot be asked in a public setting, please email Prof. Sherriff directly.

Level Conversion

LevelXP Needed to Level UpTotal XP Required for Level
10 (NC)750045000
11 (NC)1000055000
12 (NC)1000065000
13 (NC)1500080000
14 (NC)1500095000
15 (NC)15000110000
16 (D- / GC)15000125000
16 (D / GC)5000130000
16 (D+ / GC)5000135000
17 (C / CR)5000140000
17 (C+ / CR)15000155000
18 (B- / CR)10000165000
18 (B / CR)5000170000
18 (B+ / CR)5000175000
19 (A- / CR)7500182500
19 (A / CR)7500190000
20 (A+ / CR)10000200000


  • Regular lectures posted on Sherriff's YouTube channel - Sherriff's CS 3240 Playlist
  • Q&A sessions will be scheduled via Zoom - See the course schedule for dates and times.

Office Hours

We are going to have to lean on Piazza a bit more. It's going to be easier for you to have your code to a point where you can ask a question, push to GitHub, then we can pull your code and look at it locally.

Online TA Office Hours:

1) Join the CS 3240 class slack here: Slack Invite Link

2) Go into the #office-hours channel when office hours are going on (see the normal calendar at Click the + sign next to Channels in the Slack interface to add the channel if needed.

3) Type the command: /queue join This will add you to the office hours queue. When it is your turn, the next TA available will DM you.

4) Remove yourself from the queue with the command: /queue leave The TA will send you a Zoom link via DM.

Sherriff's Office Hours:

I'll be holding open Q&A sessions on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM EDT. The zoom link is:

For individual office hours, email Sherriff directly to set up an appointment.

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