GP-B: The Polar Chart

GP-B: The Polar Chart

In-Class: Tuesday, Sept 7 / Due: Thursday, Sept 9

Software Engineering researchers Barry Boehm and Richard Turner created a simple, visual tool for helping a team determine if their process should be more agile or more plan-driven. The polar chart, described in the reference below, uses five aspects of a team/project as indicators:

  • size (number of developers on the team)
  • criticality (what could happen if the software fails)
  • personnel (how experienced the team is)
  • dynamism (%requirements change during a project)
  • culture (how the team prefers to operate and in what environment)

We will do an example in this video, with the intent that you’ll practice on your own during the next Guided Practice. And, of course, this will be on Quiz 1…

The example done in the video can be found at

R. Turner and B. Boehm, “Using Risk to Balance Agile and Plan-Driven Methods” in Computer, vol. 36, no. 06, pp. 57-66, 2003. doi: 10.1109/MC.2003.1204376 url:

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Guided Practice B: The Polar Chart

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